At Qinetiko, we prioritize honesty in our interactions with customers, ensuring transparency and trust in every transaction. Upholding ethical practices not only builds moral capital but also fosters long-term relationships based on integrity, ultimately contributing to sustainable business growth and positive societal impact.

We are Qinetiko. We started our journey in 2018 as a company made up of people who have weaknesses and make mistakes and with your support and our hard work, we have made Qinetiko a brand known for its high-quality
clothes and commitment to sustainable practices.

However, we also believe in the vision of Qinetiko, and every day we strive to learn from our mistakes and improve our selves to achieve excellence.

After 4 years of hard work, we know that we haven't been perfect. In our efforts to create the perfect product, we lost touch with the people who wear our clothing and it is time to take a moment to apologize to our people (Customers, friends and family) for any mistakes we have made in the past.

Also, we want you to know that we have learned from these mistakes and have
gained two important things from this journey. First, we have produced an
excellent product, and second, we have established a strong and consistent
internal framework for Qinetiko.

We are excited to embark on a new beginning and to offer our customers
everything we stand for and have promised them. We are committed to
working hard and bringing you a new and improved experience on our
website in just a few days.

Thanks for being a part of the Qinetiko family.