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We take our company’s sustainability extremely seriously. For this purpose, we have made great efforts to secure official contracts of cooperation with leading movements and firms in sustainable materials an in no way easy feat, as many companies will be consumers of sustainable materials, but few, like us, are in a position to boast an actual contract of cooperation with them.

Currently we are in full cooperation with the following:

In a revolutionary closed loop production system, Aquafil has managed to create ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon that comes from landfills and ocean waste.

ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is infinitely recyclable, making for a virtually never-ending resource, unlike our planet’s resources that are quickly being depleted.ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is an Aquafil product, which is a company leading in quality,sustainability and innovation and a global leader in synthetic fibers.

Renowned fashion houses such as Prada and even the CFDA Fashion Awards are utilizing ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon materials, as ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is taking more and more of a grip in the haute couture field.

Sustainable fibers such as ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon are the future, and at Qinetiko we seize the future as soon as it appears! All our activewear is exclusively made out of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon,at the top quality and best possible practice for the environment as well as for fashionable trendiness.


Fabric Republic’s mission is to operate an integrated clothing management system. This basically means that all clothing that is being discarded is being collected, sorted, cleaned and repackaged to be distributed to communities and fellow people in need. The unusable pieces of clothing are forwarded to recycling companies, to be reused again.

Fabric Republic’s mission and goal, behind which we solidly stand, is to help develop ecological consciousness and translate this effort to a true implementation of a zero waste society, where our planet’s resources will cease to be consumed, and we will collectively, globally, get a new lease on life upon the Earth.

To support and contribute to Fabric Republic’s efforts, we have implemented a special sales policy for our esteemed customers, to encourage support for Fabric Republic: For every piece of clothing returned to us for recycling, we will offer new purchases at a reduced price!

Specifically, a year after purchasing any Qinetico item, you will be able to return it and purchase a new item with a 20% discount!

How does it work?

After you have decided on a new purchase, go as normal through the checkout process. While in checkout, you will notice an option for “recycling”. A drop-down menu with the items you purchased a year ago or more will be available when you click on it.
Choose the one you intend to return to us for recycling, so that we also are aware which item we will be picking up!

Everything is prepared and ready for you, as the drop-down menu will always be displaying only the items you bought before which are eligible for recycling now. Keep in mind: we will only accept and recycle our own products which you have purchased!

Can I recycle at item that was damaged by accident before the one-year mark?

No. However, what you can do and which we encourage is to contact us! Describe the damage to us (e.g. tears due to sharp objects, accidents, etc) and we will offer you a 25% discount code in order to purchase a replacement!