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Our Manifesto

Never Good Enough!

We do not believe in settling for just good enough… We believe in being exceptional. Our apparel is for the women who never settle for second best, but demand the highest level of craftsmanship, materials, and design. And we make no compromises to achieve the quality they deserve.

We believe in Quality over Quantity

Even after sourcing the highest grade of Italian-made performance fabrics and crafting every single stitch of our products , we still strive to improve. Greatness, is to be significantly better tomorrow than we were yesterday. That's the standard we hold ourselves to.

Sustainability is our way of life

We are obsessed with protecting the environment we all share. Producing our apparel line from 100% sustainable materials is not a goal, it's only our starting point. Our goal is to be on the forefront of sustainable fabric innovation, and lead the way for a cleaner world. We are never contend with what we have achieved, but stay laser focused on how to drive sustainable sportswear into the future.

We believe in Design over Fashion

We do not believe in trends or “fast fashion,” but in designing even the smallest detail with a functional purpose. Every seam, material choice and cut is there to provide strength, durability, ease of movement and comfort to the garment. Our philosophy is that looking good starts with feeling good, so every single design we produce has been carefully designed to offer you phenomenal comfort. To us, that is True Fashion