Behind the brand

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  • Our Story

    Qinetiko is a luxury activewear brand dedicated to the female figure. We strive to not only showcase your femininity, but also pamper you with the best money can buy.

    We are a new Hellenic company, geared to promote and showcase the timeless beauty of the female form. And what better way to do it than make you look your best while you exercise your body, showing off its beautiful curves and lines?

    As a new arrival in the sector of luxury activewear for ladies, we bring you the perfect balance of cultured elegance, affluent comfort and quality that every woman deserves. With the grace of the Grecian form and design imbuing our activewear, the exquisite caress of our luxury fabrics against your skin, the safety of endurance of each piece from us that you wear, we strive to make you feel and look like a goddess even at the peak of your most demanding workout.


    Our Principles

    1.Symbolic value

    Qinetiko’s main principle is to capture passion and time within a single perfect item.

    Qinetiko's vision is to create a shopping experience so innovative, professional and enjoyable, that it gets inspiration from Greek culture, history and art!

    We are not just a retail company. Qinetiko is a cultural workshop where we use the combination of retail, culture and art to produce luxury products with a feeling of fitness, wholeness and eudaemonia!

    It is our philosophy that luxury is not an excess but a need! When treating yourself to truly luxurious products custom made for you, you are treating yourself to vital sensations: research has shown that luxury in your life helps you gain and retain a feeling of wellness, of balance, of self-fulfillment and assertiveness.

    Qinetiko aims to bring you the thrilling delight of self-elevation and confidence in your everyday life. With Qinetiko’s luxury products while you exercise or enjoy your favorite activity, you treat yourself to the sensations that bring you closer to being you without inhibitions. With our luxury, high quality and enduring items in your day-to-day life, the beauty of your personality and your body will be showcased with the perfect highlights.


    2.Functional value

    Qinetiko’s luxury isn’t just superficial. You will get to experience the exquisite luxury of endurance, as all our clothes are made to last even in the most challenging of conditions.

    -True luxury is lasting luxury.

    We make clothes for the active woman. We know you push your limits and we make sure you do it in style, in items that will retain their fit, quality and texture for the longest time. Your wide range of activities will be perfectly served by our workshop-developed products made especially for this purpose.

    Qinetiko uses only the finest, highest quality textiles. In our workshop we constantly develop the perfect forms in design, from timeless elegance to cutting-edge modernity, for you to exercise and be active in style as much as you like, as long as you like.

    -True luxury is sustainable luxury.

    Qinetiko’s values include a high sense of duty to the environment and proper, sustainable practices in producing our top-of-the-line activewear for you.

    True luxury is free from burdens, and we wish for you to have pride in your choice not only for the unparallel elegance and enduring quality but also for the high standards of social and environmental practices that yielded this fine result: We employ and will keep employing the best and most current methods of regenerated fabrics and textiles, seeking to create materials without depleting the planet’s resources.

    When you wear Qinetiko, you will immediately feel all of our principles and care that went into creating the best in activewear to date: from the feel of the fabric’s texture to the sheer feeling of safety of perfection in fit and style when you exercise, Qinetiko activewear will thrill you and motivate you to keep striving for the best.


  • Quality

    At Qinetiko we strive to bring you the best of both worlds: extreme comfort and extreme femininity. We are firm believers in the beauty of the female lines, and feel that exercise and an especially active lifestyle only enhances them.

    It goes without say, therefore, that the design of ladies’ activewear should be able to highlight their dynamic femininity, which is achieved with every Qinetiko product thanks to the bold, body-sculpting design that promotes elegance and practicality without compromising sensuality.

    Comfort is another element we make no compromise in, as you will find that all our activewear are highly breathable and quick to dry.


    Our brand prides itself on being eco-friendly and 100% sustainable. Every single one of our products is designed, manufactured and made available in Greece, with a high consciousness of the environment. For that purpose we only use the cutting edge in eco-friendly materials.

    We are also eager to help sustain our community, which is why we ensure that all production takes place in Greece, from design to finish, within our hometown with a conscious view to support our community and thrive together.


    Because our products are designed to be custom made, luxury items that will withstand every reasonable test, from a high and heavy active routine to a high scrutiny in fashionable design, we do not release any product before rigorous fitting tests.

    In fitting, we test and retest the capacity of the product to perform as well as remain pristine in its appearance and body-sculpture capabilities, until we are confident you will remain completely enthused and satisfied with each and every purchase.


    Qinetiko products are designed to be cutting edge not only in practicality but also in fashion. You will find each of our products are performance-ready for any level of activity. From moderate to extreme action, they will withstand daily wear and tear with ease while retaining their trendy, modern design.

    At Qinetiko we strive to equip you with activewear that will also set you apart in your social circles as dynamic, elegant and highly current in design and fashion. Both inside the gym and out of it, you will find that Qinetiko activewear will highlight and enhance your figure and personality.

    Our design is such that our items fit perfectly with the needs of every season and every occasion regarding an active, action packed lifestyle in any way you might conceive of it, while still showing off and streamlining your feminine side.

  • At Qinetiko, we strive for excellence in every aspect and facet of our mission:

    1. High quality, luxury clothing

    Our mission is to provide our clients with top tier, high quality, high comfort and long lasting clothing. Our fabrics are Italian-made with several guarantees and specifications to ensure that they are resistant to the expected wear and tear of activewear and the extreme activity and lifestyle of ladies who love action and adventure as well as fitness and physical prowess.

    Our ECONYL regenerated nylon fabrics are especially designed to retain their shape and finish, being resistant to all kinds of deteriorations or distortions out of normal, albeit hard and demanding, use.

    The production of the activewear is done entirely in Greece by Greeks and our clothing is almost entirely handmade, in order to ensure that no imperfections pass through our rigorous quality checks.

    2. Designed to make you look perfect

    Our mission isn’t to create activewear that just looks good, but activewear that makes you look amazing when you wear it.

    Our designs are especially created with the female figure in mind. Our purpose and commitment are to make it so our clothing flatters and streamlines your form, making you look your best in it. Our activewear is designed to make you look dynamic and sexy by smoothing out any imperfections and showing off your body’s beautiful curves, muscle definition and control.

    Looking good in the clothes you are wearing is key and not just because it’s pleasing to the eye: psychologically, it promotes wellness and gives motivation to keep going, to keep pushing your limit as you exercise and engage in demanding, action-packed activities.

    At Qinetiko, we are committed to supporting you in every way there is in your endeavors, and making you look perfect as you pursue them is one of our most important goals.

    3. Recycling, Social Awareness and Environmental Awareness

    It is our deep conviction that we are all parts of the same whole upon this planet. That being a given, it is to the interest of our joint survival and well being to give back to the community and preserve the environment as much as possible within our capacity as a company.

    Therefore, we are committed to the revolutionary concept of clothing recycling as well as actual recycling:

    Our clothing is made of ECONYL regenerated nylon fibers, which have been created from recycled plastic retrieved and kept from polluting the oceans.

    We cooperate with FABRIC REPUBLIC, a non-profit focusing on creating a thorough clothing management system for reuse and redistribution of second-hand clothing with the goal of promoting and enhancing sustainability of resources, in our global effort for zero waste societies as well as free access to clothing, which is a basic human right.

    4. Special custom-made customer care

    We are committed to creating a brand that is synonymous to perfection, excellent endurance and exclusive treatment to our clients.

    In our effort to keep you 100% satisfied with our products and our company, we strive for custom-made, one on one customer care. We also keep perpetually researching and perfecting our products on all levels, from the fabrics to the design, to keep at the cutting edge of technology as well as fashion and style.

    While creating unique items that will set you apart from the typical mass-produced aesthetic, we also strive to make our clothing the epitome of what the sustainable textile industry has to show at any given time.

    At Qinetiko we ascribe high value to you and your efforts and seek to ensure that our clothing reflects that in every way, from perfection in your appearance while wearing our items to perfection in conservation and environmental technology.