Brand Ambassador

  • Are you a fitness professional?

    If yes, you have a unique opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for Qinetiko! Be the face of Qinetiko if you love high quality, cutting edge technology, high sustainability and environmental responsibility and, of course, beautiful lines for the beautiful curves of the female body.

    Be part of a quickly expanding company that embodies everything current in trends and fashion as well as technology and ecology!

    Becoming a Brand Ambassador has many unique advantages and perks! Once you make the cut and are included in our list of ambassadors, you will automatically have secured exceptional and unique privileges for you and your friends:

    • A free welcome package
    • 15% sale for every personal purchase you make
    • 5% sale for ambassador friends using unique ambassador promo codes
    • Direct and privileged access to new product launches
    • Free personal promo from within Qinetiko’s social media accounts and campaigns

    How to become a Qinetiko Brand Ambassador

    In order to make the cut and become listed in our Brand Ambassador records, with all the privileges that will afford you, you must have the following qualifications:

    • You must be a fitness professional
    • You must own social media accounts
    • You must consistently make social media posts with Qinetiko hashtags twice a week

    Got all that? Apply now and get coveted, unique benefits!

    #Join us brand ambassador