The place where you can hear Qinetiko's heart!

Qinetiko's headquarters is our dedicated physical store and headquarters, strategically located in Ioannina's bustling center. It's a place where our mission and vision become tangible. More than just a retail location, it's a vibrant epicenter devoted to your well-being, sustainability, and fostering a deep connection with nature. Explore this space and immerse yourself in the essence of Qinetiko, where our commitment to these values comes to life and our heart beats passionately.

Welcome to our store

Indulge in our dedicated Pilates Studio, nestled on the semi-floor of our headquarters. This serene sanctuary is meticulously designed for the pursuit of mindful movement and holistic well-being. At Qinetiko, we believe in empowering individuals to feel extraordinary in their own bodies while nurturing a profound connection with nature. Join us in our classes, carefully curated to align with our #OnePlusOneNature ethos, and embark on a journey towards well-being, strength, and tranquility.

A Fusion of Sustainability, Creativity, and Connection

Step into the heart of our headquarters, where sustainability meets creativity in perfect harmony. Our base floor houses not only a showroom displaying our latest collections but also our workplace studio—a space where our dedicated team crafts the unique pieces that empower you to live in perfect tune with your true nature.
And that's not all; our headquarters boasts a versatile multi-area open space, ready to transform for various occasions. Whether it's serene meditation days, lively celebrations, or enriching community events, this space embodies unity, positivity, and a profound connection with nature. Join us in creating memorable moments and collectively contributing to a tangible, lasting positive impact as we invite you to be part of our Qinetiko family.