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Sustainability is not just what we do, it is who we are. Being more sustainable than our competitors is not enough, we need to keep improving to make our company and products as sustainable as humanly possible. Being the leading activewear fashion company in Greece, means being the leader of sustainability

At Qinetiko, we lead the way to a cleaner world, by being at the cutting edge of sustainable innovation. Ecologically and socially conscious fashion begins with crafting clothing of the longest lasting quality to get the most out of the resources we use.

100% Sustainable Materials.

By relying on innovative regenerated textiles, we seek to craft from premium materials without depleting our planet’s resources. We are officially partnered with Econyl regenerated nylon fibers, and we will continue endorsing the sustainable materials that best protect the environment we all share.

All Qinetiko products are Recycled or Repurposed

We will only ever produce ethical, sustainable garments, making your purchase a contribution to society and the planet. Our products are always tested to the highest quality standards, but not even the most durable activewear last forever. Through our affiliation with Fabric Republic, we ensure that all Qinetiko products are recycled or repurposed accordingly, and never become waste.

We reward you for your sustainability efforts

Those who have the power to make a difference have a responsibility to carry the load for the less fortunate. We give our clients special privileges for distributing social justice and making our society more humane. Your sustainable effort isn’t just about making conscious purchase decision, it’s about what you do with the products you buy afterwards. That is why you should return your old purchases to us for recycling when you buy new styles. By doing so, you receive a reduction on your next purchases as a reward for your efforts. This is our humble thanks for your contribution to our cause of distributing social justice where we can.

Help us make our planet and our society a better place, by choosing lasting quality over disposable sports apparel. Support our continued efforts to reduce waste and improve the performance of our premium athletic wear!